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Par Electrical Contractors
Executive Assistant to Vice President/Operation and Financial Controller was asked...April 14, 2016

Can I balance a high stressed work environment and role being that I was a single mother.

2 Answers

That was an illegal question they asked if it is about your parental, marital, or health status. Less

As long as the company allowed my son to come first in my priorities, I would be able to balance and maintain work and personal life. Less

Homeside Financial

How did I market myself to Realtors and do you think Homeside can assist in that process.

1 Answers

I mostly rely on forming personal relationships when marketing to realtors. Homesides, technological platform, credibility and in house marketing staff will make my job that much easier. I would now have something tangible that can help realtors sell more homes. Less


There are 9 balls one of which is lighter than the others. How would you find the lighter ball in 2 tries

5 Answers

hint. group balls in groups of 6, 2, and 1 .

Roll them and see which ones rolls the furthest

#1: Place on a balance scales 2 groups of 3 balls. If they weigh the same then the lighter ball is in the remaining group of 3, otherwise it is in the lighter group on the scales. #2: With the group that contains the lighter ball, place 2 of the balls on the scales. If they weigh the same then the remaining ball is the lighter one otherwise it is the lighter ball that is on the scales. Less

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AAVAS Financiers

Are you ready to change your role ?

3 Answers




State Street

Do you need sponsorship?

3 Answers


I believe, your college didnt do a good enough job to restrict based on work authorization or state street didnt convey this properly to your college. Lastly, as a candidate you probably should have known before hand. Less

I believe, your college didnt do a good enough job to restrict based on work authorization or state street didnt convey this properly to your college. Lastly, as a candidate you probably should have known before hand. Less

Bank of America Merchant Services

Being from the industry do you think that the expectations we have from our sales specialist is unrealistic?

3 Answers

What are their expectations for new reps ? What can you realistically expect to make first year if you have prior sales experience (yellow pages). Is there a high turnover at this company ? Do they expect you to work nights and weekends ? How are the medical benefits ? Thanks for your help ! Interviewing soon w/ them. Less

The expectations are super high. The new structure they implemented end of last year (2011) is such that is based on micro management. It's a First Data model. The turn over in the last 9 months has been on the rise (not really sure about percentage wise). If you are not at goal, yes, they do expect you to work on Saturdays. The benefits are great. Total compensation is good after at least 13 months (they pay on a residual pay scale). Good luck! Less

They want to know if you feel capable of selling up to their standard, they do not want a hear from you that you are going to three times, the goal, but they need to see how confident you are about reaching and achieving goal Less

Saudi Aramco

I would expect it would be: Are you prepared to live and work in a foreign land in the desert?

2 Answers

Be honest with yourself.

I will do in sha allah


Write a cold email for the lead we find for them 😒

3 Answers

I got the same task. Should I invest my time in identifying leads and give it to them in charity? Less

They give you a case study which you have to evaluate. You need to spend at least 4hrs ( if you are taking the case study seriously) Less

That's really smart way to generate leads though. I sent my assignment yesterday. I hope it's useful to them. Less


Are you willing to travel?

2 Answers


Sure yes


Give an example of a time you faced criticism of your product or service, or of you, personally. What was the criticism and how did you handle it?

1 Answers

I made sure they understood that I take a collaborative approach to meeting challenges head-on and ultimately solving them together. Less

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