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Implement an intersection method for two lists. After showing a brute force method, I was asked to improve upon the method and analyze time complexity for both algorithms.

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1. Traverse through the first list and put all items in a hash table. 2. Traverse through the second list and try to find these items in the hash table created in step 1 -> Add all items found to the intersection list. O(N) complexity.

1. Convert both lists to hashsets 2. Find the intersection of the two hashsets 3. Convert this intersection back into a list

Database question. MySQL. Details of other project

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Tell us about a time where you took the initiative in a group.

Tell me about a time where you were in a group and you were not the leader.

What class did you not enjoy in college, and why not?

What is encapsulation? What is OOP? What is polymorphism? There were also a couple basic Java/JavaScript questions for my position specifically.

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What can you offer the company? What was the most challenging thing you have done in school and how did you resolve it?

What does OOP stand for?

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