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If you have a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug how do you get exactly 4 gallons?

2 Answers

Fill the 3 gallon. Pour into the 5. Fill the 3 gallon again, pour into the 5. You now have a full 5 gallons and 1 gallon left in the 3 gallon. Dump the 5 gallon out. Pour the one gallon into the 5 gallon. Fill the 3 gallon and pour into the 5. You now have 4 gallons in the 5 gallon jug.

Fill the 5 gallon jug and transfer the 3 gallon to 3 gallon jug, what remains in 5 gallon is 2 gallons . Collect this 2 gallon. repeat the same to collect another two gallon. Add the 2 gallon(collected)+ 2 gallon (later) = 4 gallon

What commands do you know on the command line

1 Answer

Describe a situation were you went above and beyond in any old job or proyect.

Customer service related questions

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself What salary are you expecting Why do you want this job

1 Answer

Tell a customer service story where you were successful and one where the customer was being hostile.

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