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Bartender Interview Questions

"When hiring bartenders, employers will look for candidates who perform well under pressure, excel at multitasking, and provide excellent customer service. You can expect an interview to consist mostly of behavioral questions such as �What would you do with a patron who has had too many drinks?� or �How quickly can you make a cosmopolitan?� Some employers only hire bartenders who have attended a bartending school while other employers prefer to promote their barbacks and cocktail waitresses."

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What would you do if a customer had been over served and was behaving inappropriately?

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As an entertainer wearing this costume, you would expect that this situation may arise at some point. It's easy for women to take offense to this because you deserve to be respected, but the situation should be diffused professionally. Politely inform the guest that touching isn't permitted or politely excuse yourself from the guest for a minute.

How would you make a long island iced tea?

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Be prepared to be asked various questions about past working experiences and accomplishment. The most difficult question for me was "what would you tell a guest, that asked your opinion about a menu item that you do not particularly like."

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What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

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What would you do if a guest was too intoxicated and how would you handle the situation?

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Tell me about a situation where you had to an angry customer whom you had to find a way to resolve their issue.

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Can you work sundays?

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am i single

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What are the three Ps of His Hospitality?

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why would you be a good fit for our team

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