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You have a new release that you want to implement for a client. The client is reluctant in-spite of you having explained the importance and advantages. How would you convince them?

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Can you give more information on the onsite interview questions? what did they ask in the MC questions and what questions were asked for an Interface Analyst ?

If explaining the advantages of the new release fails to convince. I would start with explaining what the client would NOT be able to do without the new release and the impact/inconvenience the client's business will have.

Customer most likely had some bad previous upgrades. The key is to point out where the customer is most concerned: prolong downtime, glitches,training, integrations. All can be mitigated with more thorough testing, user training, documentation, workflow awareness and other ways to be held accountabile, Etc. does your company have the resources to guarantee such promises?

Calculate the the rent of a rental car, if it's priced by the no. of miles and the no. of child seats checked out?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Why are you interests in this position?

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Situational: You're working on a project where you need an expert's help, but the expert isn't responsive. What do you do?

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There were no difficult questions, mostly just questions about why I felt that I would be good in the role, how I relate with people and my technical background history. The most suprising question was "tell me about why I should hire you, and you only have 1 story on an elevator ride to do so" ...took me off gaurd

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I suppose the most difficult question would be one of those personality questions companies always ask. They asked me to name a situation where I didn't get along with someone on a project team and how I resolved it. They asked me to be specific. It can be hard to remember things like that on the spot, so make sure to look up "personality interview questions" on Google to be better prepared. What they're looking for is a good corporate culture and team match with these questions.

Tell us about a time when you had a conflict with coworker.

What do you see yourself in 5 years in this role?

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