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National Instruments
Programmer Analyst I was asked...April 9, 2009

Tell me about an experience where you were forced to handle a conflict, and what was the outcome

2 Answers

I gave an example of a conflict I had with a team member who was not carrying his weight in a group project. In these kinds of questions make sure to focus on your communication skills in being able to diffuse the issue and coming to a positive or neutral solution. For me, I had an honest conversation with the team member and gave him a chance to explain his situation (didn't want to jump to conclusions). Then we worked together to form a plan to ensure he met deadlines. Less

I mentioned a conflict with a teacher, and was truthful about the outcome, regardless of it's neutral (not positive or negative) tone Less

Southwest Power Pool

I was aked what I had done in the past to go above and beyond or improve something for others.

1 Answers

I told them of some things I had done at a previous job that they are still using as a reference. Less

C.H. Robinson

Are you interested in learning new technologies?

1 Answers

Yes. (of course)

General Mills

What is a foreign key constraint in a relational database?

1 Answers

I said it was a way to uniquely identify a specific row of a different table in the database. Less


What can you contribute to the company?

1 Answers

Well, think of what you believe is a value adding process as this is BPO in nature Less

National Instruments

What is your biggest strength

1 Answers

I mentioned being able to work in teams and work with people to find a good solution to the problem at hand Less

National Instruments

Gave me one program to write - It was an easy one.

1 Answers

Through questions like this, interviewers are mostly trying to test your skillset (and its relevance to the role) as robustly as possible, so be prepared for multiple offshoots and followups. It could be a useful exercise to do mocks with friends or colleagues in National Instruments to get a real sense of what the interview is actually like. Alternatively Prepfully has a ton of National Instruments Programmer Analyst experts who provide mock interviews for a pretty reasonable amount. Less


Give me your three weekness. Wasnt prepared for the question.

1 Answers

Could not think much. Made up 1 answer on spot. Difficult to Say No.

Saudi Aramco

Do you ever user Macros in Excel?

1 Answers

I said I use many time. I work on excel so I used many time. Its is a very useful feature of excel. Less

Orlando Health

Have you ever have someone oppose your idea and how did you deal with it?

1 Answers

It is best not to answer the question if you were never in this type of situation otherwise, speak the truth. Less

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