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Overloaded procedures definition

1 Answer

Procedures with the same name but different parameters.

They want me to design a scalable prototype of basic information retrieval system.

2 Answers

In MVC pattern, where to fit communication with a server?

1 Answer

write a ternary operator replacement function

1 Answer

What have you done since the last interview? (Technically)

Given an input file of characters produce an output file that is sorted (English alphabet considered for the sake of simplicity. The o/p would look like: all the a's then all the A's then the b's then B's ....) State the data structures that'd be used, the reason for using them and the time complexity of the solution.

Explain what an interface is, and when you would use an interface.

1 Answer

Design a contacts search for a phone. The solution should prompt you with all the contacts that'd match the characters keyed into the search box. Eg: For a contacts list having Adam, Alex and Arby's, keying in A should suggest Adam, Alex, Arby's while keying in Ad should suggest only Adam. State and explain the choice of data structures and explain the time complexity of the solution.

Describe how a smartphone would boot up? When do you think all the drivers would be loaded?

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