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How many bits do you need for a subnet size.

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Need to know subnetting off top of your head.

If number of addreses required in a subnet is "N" , then you need 2 more (network and bcst addreses) in addition to "N". So "N+2" is rounded of to Next 2 to the power . For e.g if we need 64 addresses in a subnet then , 66 rounded to next 2 to the power is is 2**7 ie 128. so number of bits required is 7.

The minimum addresses needed is 2 bits for 4 addresses 2^(# of addresses) = 2^2 which used for pint to point links. Max addresses can go as much as class A IP address /8 so for maximum bits is 32-8 = 24 bit

Nothing as such, it was very straightforward

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What were some of things you've accomplished at your previous company?

How would you design our network?

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Most were pretty straight forward in the entire process with questions ranging from your resume and experience on the technologies you have worked with as an intern or in school.

nothing much on networks i.e. TCP/IP or sub netting. No ques related to security also

Analyze this raw payload data and tell us what the attacker tried to do and when.

Difference between IPS and IDS

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