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How many bits do you need for a subnet size.

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Need to know subnetting off top of your head.

If number of addreses required in a subnet is "N" , then you need 2 more (network and bcst addreses) in addition to "N". So "N+2" is rounded of to Next 2 to the power . For e.g if we need 64 addresses in a subnet then , 66 rounded to next 2 to the power is is 2**7 ie 128. so number of bits required is 7.

The minimum addresses needed is 2 bits for 4 addresses 2^(# of addresses) = 2^2 which used for pint to point links. Max addresses can go as much as class A IP address /8 so for maximum bits is 32-8 = 24 bit

Nothing as such, it was very straightforward

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What were some of things you've accomplished at your previous company?

About a six question quiz. It's not designed for people to get all the answers right, it's designed to see how you think. Use any resources, any, internet, phone, applications on the laptop they'll give you, etc. In general they'll give you a Linux stack trace to analyze, a regex string to create a match for (regex101. Com), how to do something in Linux (tail - F), a code chunk to define what it does, they give you raw configuration files (text based config) for a firewall and ask you to describe details of rule X, Most people get between a 10 and 20 out of 30.

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How would you design our network?

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I had two rounds of interviews that were from easy to more in depth.

How would you filter xyz in wireshark

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