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Part-time Sales Advisor was asked...August 10, 2015

Which one of these 3 places would be our competition and why best buy, food for less or forever 21?

3 Answers

Forever 21 , retail store with similar trending outfits and low prices

Forever 21 considering the demographic and consumer you are reaching to. Best Buy is more for electronic consumers as well as food for less is for those who seek food, both forever 21 and H&M are the only establishments on this list who specialize in distributing the same merchandise thus making H&M a possible competition . Less

H&M is brand that people can come to and try better outfits than Forever 21. Out of the three that is been selected to be H&M’s competition would Forever 21 since it’s on the trending list of 2018 where H&M is also apart that trend but it makes a even harder decision for a customer to choose between the two. For my standards I’d go with H&M better options for a professional outfit and an actual fashion statement to start from. Less

Bank of America

Role play with interviewer. Interviewer calls you to invest in stock that was recommended by neighbor.

2 Answers

What is the interest and why is was clearly stated and are u already looking to try to invest a stock Less

It is your job to sell him on the idea of mutual funds. Ask him questions about his current situation, know the customer, understand asset allocation, understand diversification and give specific examples of why investing large amounts of money in one stock takes on a lot of risk. Less

TDS Telecommunications

I was taken into another room with a phone where the manager "called" me and I was told to role play and try to sell TDS products. It was very difficult because I didn't know the products and basically had to just make stuff up. They also expect you to know top down selling

1 Answers

Top down selling is where you start with the most expensive product and offer everything they sell then back off if the person says no. Less

University of Texas at San Antonio

Explain you advising philosophy, and how do you use it when working with students?

1 Answers

Understanding the theories of Erickson, Kholberg, and Chickering, I am aware of the development process through the adolescent to adult stage. This process can also be used when looking at student development. By adhering to the student's needs, we can assist them in that transition and provide them the needed resources and services that will hopefully develop into student success. As advisors, that is what we strive for, even if it is straying from the path they want, we should be able to offer other areas of exploring to find a field that can succeed in, personally and professionally. Less

Equitable Advisors

(Paraphrase) Can you handle building a client base from scratch?

1 Answers

Yes, though it would be a matter of having the desire to focus only on sales (and not also planning and analytics) Less


a question I remember was "With this tough economy how ccan you be successful"

1 Answers

I answered, "In a tough economy people are looking for better solutions and I can sell them" Less

Fidelity Investments

Tell us about a time when you disagreed with a policy and what did you do.

1 Answers

I gave an example where I disagreed about the policy and voiced it adamantly with good logic and management actually took my advice and modified the policy. I think that really impressed. Less


I can't hear the video on my iPad, can you help me?

13 Answers

Good luck! Remember empathy plays a huge role strictly because it's easier to teach someone technical skills rather than people skills. Less

Got the offer about a week and a half after the final interview and the background check came that night after I received a call. Did the background check and it took a week to come back make sure to have your hire dates close as possible because they will check that. Then got the final offer the next day the background check cleared. Less

It's on HireVue, with two managers and all of you will be on the camera and they will ask you questions about yourself then proceed to role playing. Just make sure you provide empathy followed by the resolution. Also have questions to ask them like why do they enjoy working at apple and what's the most difficult thing new advisors face. Less

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What can you bring to the company/team

10 Answers

I can hard work and best regards

I bring smile with work honesty

I work with honesty and safety

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What would you do if you knew a customer was wrong but he insisted he was right?

10 Answers

So, how is it? Did you get an offer?

Not yet haven't heard back. It's been about a week

Just got the offer to sit at the final job review process. I think this is where I'll be given an offer or not. Less

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