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Because the recruiters prepare you right before the interview, none of the questions are unexpected.

2 Answers

Be yourself...really...just be yourself. They don't expect you to wear a suit!

Which recruiter prepared you for the interview?

How long will you stay with the organization?

1 Answer

Situational questions. Strengths and weaknesses.

1 Answer

Are you available Monday, as the VP is in town Tuesday?

1 Answer

phone interview is a behavioral interview

1 Answer

Your supevisory skills are very weak. Why are they so after all these years in this profession?

1 Answer

Around the house, would you say that you are a maintainer or a fix-it-when-it-breaks sort of guy.

1 Answer

There were no unique questions - all standard stuff about my background, prior experience, etc

1 Answer

are you willing to take a low wage to help others?

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