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At a party everyone shakes hands, 66 hand shakes occur, how many people are at the party?

9 Answers


requires explanation

it's not 12, it's 11

There are two stocks with the same expected value, with variance 0.3 and 0.2 and correlation 0.5. What proportion of each stock do you invest in to yield a minimum risk portfolio?

4 Answers

If W is standard Brownian Motion, for what values of n is W^n still a martingale?

3 Answers

Evaluate the integral from 0 to pi/6 of sec(x) dx.

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Let B and C be two r.v. uniformly distributed in [0,1]. What is the probability of the event that x^2 + B x +C =0 has real roots.

1 Answer

You should always be prepared for math problems related to the topics you list on your resume. I was asked what the convergence rate of Monte Carlo simulation is.

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If implied volatility is lower than realized, how does one make money hedging a call option?

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Describe the algorithms to solve KNN.

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what is the other way of doing this?

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