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How would I troubleshoot a slow HTTP endpoint without ever talking to a user?

1 Answer

ping, wget, curl, dev environment testing, disabling feature flags, etc

How would you contribute to Pluralsight?

2 Answers

The questions were a mix of typical algso/data structure questions and culture fit questions. The algos/data structures questions were, I would say, medium easy to medium hard difficulty.

1 Answer

Create a job queue whose workers fetch data from a URL and store the results in a database. The job queue should expose a REST API for adding jobs and checking their status / results.

longest substring without duplicate characters

1 Answer

How would you design an incoming reference based aggregation system for TrialPay back end server so that info about the incoming traffic can be stored and used to improve the system? Duplicate files in a directory. Files are very large, so can't read the whole file into the memory.

1 Answer

Various systems and software architecture questions.

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