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How would I troubleshoot a slow HTTP endpoint without ever talking to a user?

1 Answer

ping, wget, curl, dev environment testing, disabling feature flags, etc

How would you contribute to Pluralsight?

1 Answer

Create a job queue whose workers fetch data from a URL and store the results in a database. The job queue should expose a REST API for adding jobs and checking their status / results.

longest substring without duplicate characters

1 Answer

They asked me to draw on a white board the architecture of an application from the user interface to the server and database.

During Phone screen 1. I was asked about converting string into CamelCase. Onsite interview. 1.How does HTTP and HTTPS work? 2. What is a man in middle attack? 3. how do you know at server level if the request is coming for mobile or for server? 4. Explain akamai logic if you know of anything. 5. flatten the given array (except Object of key and value pair should be pushed as it is) 6. design question on Canvas. 7. explai SEO strategy 8. What have you done to improve performance. 8. what backend languages are you comfortable with. 9 can you write palindrome program in PHP (Since I said PHP is a language i have worked on in past) 10. what is a difference in method and function. 11. calculate the amount of water be help between any 2 rows and sum it up.

Write a function to split a SQL query into individual statements.

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