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How would you troubleshoot slow loading web pages and poorly performing stored procedures?

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This is a very good question to ask anyone who is interested in web development. it gets them thinking and start working on problem solving.

Obviously, it is an easy answer though. First you want to check the network connection. If that seems to be working fine with other websites, check the code of the website. If the code is too cluttered then it will have problems loading. Make sure to organize the HTML so you can easily find clutter or useless text. Next, use a website validator - . This website helps you find any errors on your page that may be causing a slow down. Hope this helps any, I use this for any problem I have.

They asked me to write a function to print out the Fibonacci sequence. A mathematical equation no one ever needs in real life.

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Lots of obscure javascript questions that seemed to be pulled from a "top 10 javascript quirks" blog post, for example; "1" + 1 = ? Second part was to put 4 DIVs next to each other and create a setInterval that cycles them, moving the last item to the front every 5 seconds. Was interrupted 2 minutes into it to remind me that she had somewhere to be in 40 minutes (as if I was going to take more than 40 minutes?)

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Write your own script that does a JSONP request, without using jQuery. Should work with multiple calls to the function and support async.

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Give a general overview of how you would increase performance of a particular page. The page contains several buttons in it with a bunch of associated event handlers with a bunch more javascript etc.

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Given 2 arrays that are already sorted, write a quick function that combines both arrays and returns a single sorted array.

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Estimate the number of dentists in the US; explain your assumptions, and if you think your answer is reasonable. Mostly an assessment in your approach to problem solving without having to remember various technical details.

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A page uses 2 js files. Script1.js has a login function in a pop-up, script2.js contains event handlers for certain clicks on a page. If the user is logged in, the click event is processed in script2.js. If they aren't they get the pop up from script1.js and if/when they login in, whatever they clicked goes thru in script2.js. How do you do this?

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I can't be really specific, but many low-level questions asked about the programming language to be used in daily work (PHP)

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Explain some examples of CSS3-specific features which are safe to use cross-browser (including IE6) and how to use them.

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