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Swap two numbers while not using the temp variable.

3 Answers

using the XOR operator

a = a+b; b = a -b; a= a- b;

a = a ^ b b = a ^ b a = a ^ b This will avoid over flows which might come in addition steps

How to reverse a string in place.

1 Answer

what's your plan in the next 5 years as a developer.

1 Answer

How you would go about deciding how many elevators are needed for this office building?

1 Answer

The State of Michigan uses the STAR approach so be comfortable with behavior questions. You may want to research the STAR interview approach. One question may be 'Give us an example when you were faced with confrontation and how did you handle it.'

1 Answer

No behavior questions. Pretty much sure that other candidates are asked plenty of those.

If there is a web based trading application and it is firing a query from database which fetches TB's of data and executing the query takes a very very very very long time. How will you troubleshoot this problem?

1 Answer

One of the managers wanted a person with mainframe programming experience. I wasn't able to answer questions related to it

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