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Swap two numbers while not using the temp variable.

3 Answers

using the XOR operator

a = a+b; b = a -b; a= a- b;

a = a ^ b b = a ^ b a = a ^ b This will avoid over flows which might come in addition steps

"From 1 to 3 most important to least where would you rank Analytical, Strategic, and Technical?"

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1. What do you know about JP Morgan? 2. Tell me something about your resume 3. How well do you know excel? 4. How will you balance extracurricular commitments with your internship?

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"You have two items, one is twice as expensive as the other, and the total cost is $15.00. How much is each?" Given with no warning in the middle of a behavioral interview. Not difficult but could catch you off guard if you get too relaxed.

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The questions are very standard, just google behavioral interview questions and you will be able to find them all online. They are usually aligned with Eaton's competencies, like 'Dealing with ambiguity' or 'Driving for results'. The most difficult questions are where they ask you to demonstrate a time where you didn't display being competent in a certain area. They are very critical on these questions. Try to think of a situation where you struggled but still came out of it in a positive way.

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There wasn't a whole lot of technical questions (the hardest was concerning the risk environment of your LOB), most were "fit" questions to see if you would fit in with the JPM culture, etc.

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Tell me how you see the company performing in the next 5 years.

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Case interview question from second interview: Suppose we were thinking of opening up dialysis centers in a foreign country. What things would we need to consider before making a determination if this was a good idea or not?

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Please tell us exactly what it is that our software helps people to accomplish and why you feel that we provide a valuable service to our clients.

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Case interview question from first interview: Please select a price for a year-long contract with a hospital.

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