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Stardock Systems
Associate Game Developer was asked...March 3, 2018

Program Tetris using this png image to basically have all functionality minus scoring.

1 Answers

Good luck!


Q: give an example of what data structures you have used in your personal projects Q: Just general game design questions and a bit of data analytics (e.g. how to measure user churn)

1 Answers

A: I've used hashmaps for chunk systems and flat arrays for block storage in a Voxel game A: Honestly, just answered based off my own experience playing games. For the analytics the take home assignment basically prepares you for it. Less

Stardock Systems

When was a time you faced a hardship (in CS)? How did you overcome it?

Stardock Systems

What is the worst game you have played in the last 12 months?

Stardock Systems

How familiar are you with C++, XML, HTML?

Heavy Iron Studios

How would you calculate if two spheres are colliding? How would you optimize that program? If there are thousands of spheres within a box, how would you calculate the collision for each sphere and what is the time complexity?

Stardock Systems

How do you deal with stress?

Fantasy Flight Games

The most important part of the interview I feel is finding out if your attitude meshes with the existing culture. If it does not, don't bother since it will not create a good work atmosphere.

Stardock Systems

What was one problem you encountered in a previous job and how did you overcome it?


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