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When I got to the interview, I was asked to repeat an IQ test again. I'm assuming this was to verify that I was the same person who took the first test.

Most questions were general in nature i.e. what motivates you? why do you want to leave your current job? what do you look for in a leader? Other questions were technical in nature , i.e. provide some examples of negotiations? data analysis? examples of a good leader? risk assessments ?

I would say the recruiter discounted my qualifications from the very beginning because she saw my picture on my e mail account. I would like the VP of HR to send a reminder to all HR representatives to not disqualify someone based on a perception. Sometimes it is best to revisit the rules of vetting candidates. USAA HR recruiters, especially the one I spoke to, should take a diversity class. It is a known fact, "minorities" have the qualifications and education to do a great job. All we ask for is a level playing field.

how I handled certain difficult situations in the past

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