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Why do you want to work here? What is your biggest accomplishment? What has been your biggest failure? Asked some canned questions about your personality to determine what type of personality you have, i.e. type A, B, etc.

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The benefits of a strong company and like the hospitality business. The challenge of learning a new industry, and the opportunities that could arise. Named a few of both accomplishments and failures.

I like your company and I would like to work there

I like work as RECEPTIONIST I love this company a

<firm> needs to increase sales. What kind of methods can they use to determine effectiveness of new product/promotion?

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No difficult or unexpected questions as the interview questions were standard. The only odd questions were those directed towards my references.

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Describe a time when you had a different opinion than your supervisor and what did you do about it?

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What experience do you have in healthcare contracts?

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I had a letter of recommendation from a former supervisor, who the hiring manager knew personally. She questioned the signature - "that doesn't look like his signature". I was sent the letter by his secretary via email.

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How do you get to know your coworkers? and that led into a question about how engaged with them outside the workplace you are.

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What have you learned in your research about TEK systems?

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All interviewers asked basically the same questions of me: explain your experience, how do I envision myself in this role, what I have heard about VMware, do I have any questions. Typical interviewing questions; very friendly interviewers.

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What is your management style?

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