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A customer has a website containing information about hotels, their rates, special deals etc. how would you extract info from the website without any programming involved like writing SQL queries, PHP etc.

4 Answers

I would say use some sort of bot to scrape html but how can we extract anything without "any programming"?

Were there any data-structures/algorithms questions?

I have used YQL (Yahoo Query Language) in the past to extract data from html pages.

What type of management style do you like?

1 Answer

Why do you want to work at PayPal?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond the call of duty to solve a problem or improve your work environment.

1 Answer

Not difficult, per se, but unexpected: one interviewer asked me to name several different sorting algorithms and rank them by their computational complexity. Unexpected because I've never had such a discussion with a customer, no matter how technical; the question would have been more appropriate for an engineer being hired into their kernel group but the interviewers didn't seem to know the difference.

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A time when you held a peer accountable.

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He kept asking if I could go back and redo my answer what would I change. Asked that at least 4 times. Asked me if i was starting a parachute company for blind solo skydivers, how would I sell it and what special features would it need? Also asked me to explain rugby ( my college sport) to him. Asked em to sell him on my favorite hobby.

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Give an example of a time that you learned something on the job and had to make a quick decision.

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They asked what I thought about the Sears motto at the time.

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Give an example of a situation that you did not handle the way you wanted to.

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