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How have you changed a process or procedure?

2 Answers

Alot of technical questions.

I used an example of changing my previous employer's manufacturing process to make it more efficient and flexible.

Just entertain me for five minutes, I'm not going to talk

43 Answers

How are M&M's made?

11 Answers

1 million card applications. $1 per application cost to do employment verification. 96% pass verification and get a card. 4% fail and do not get cards. Given average profits on cardholders in good standing, and average losses on accounts that default, find the % of denied cardholders that would have to default in order to justify the $1 per application verification cost .

8 Answers

Given the following terms please draw a logical diagram/hierarchy on the board as you see fit. Dog, Cat, Woof, Animal, Fifi, Run

3 Answers

How would you extend Array in JavaScript so that it could add all the values stored in an array?

3 Answers

Getting asked to do Gangnam style during the formal dinner in front of all the other candidates

2 Answers

If you had a single mom employee (banker), who brought in tons of business and was absolutely stellar, what would you do if she wanted to leave because she was being offered a better paying job at your competitor's company? You have maxed out your salary budget as well.

2 Answers

Complete a financial case study.

2 Answers

How old are you?

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