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Devops Engineer Interview Questions

"DevOps is a quickly growing space for tech companies. Employers hiring DevOps engineers are looking for candidates with strong programming abilities, a knowledge of re-engineering processes, and great communication skills to fast-track projects between IT professionals and software engineers. Expect to answer various technical questions that will evaluate your knowledge of tech tools and processes such as HTTP. Experience in software engineering or a related field is expected."

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Whiteboard a general LAMP stack and explain the process

1 Answer

Not too difficult, but the most challenging of the day. Mapped out your basic setup and walked them through the process.

How to search for a node in Chef?

1 Answer

Ant and Maven differences, config file importance in puppet, what is jenkins.

2 Answers

Tell me about yourself. Why fidelity investments? Why finance? Tell me about a time you gave excellent customer service? Tell me about a time you had to reach goals/metrics? Tell me about a time of poor customer service and what you did to change it? Tell me about a time you worked with a group/team. Tell me about a course in school that you took and didn't care for and why. What does customer service mean to you?

1 Answer

How do you stay organized? Describe tools and techniques.

3 Answers

Show us how you use Chef's Test Kitchen (not listed in rec no my skill set). show us how you would use (again not listed in job rec/details nor in my past skill set)

1 Answer

Why would you like to work for United Nations?

4 Answers

What will you do if you notice that one of the MS Server Crash?

1 Answer

What is Control Access?

2 Answers

What is STP? What is OSPF? What all skills mentioned in the resume

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