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What do you know about branching strategies?

3 Answers

I was new to Git and didnt know much about strategies with branching.

Branching by feature: code release from trunk; branching by release: release directly from branch

Allmost all version control system today support branching . It basically independent line of work that stem from one central code base.

How would you list all the files newer than yesterday?

3 Answers

Where do you list depemdencies in a Java project?

1 Answer

Can you fix my computer for me when the build doesn't work?

1 Answer

Have you used CVS in the past?

1 Answer

Tell us about some of the prevalent DRM technologies out there.

1 Answer

Implement a function in C to draw a circle using the single point drawing function drawPt(x,y).

2 Answers

Technical programming question: perform a certain operation on a simple data type.

1 Answer

Why this company

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Write an SQL query to pull data from two tables (join query)

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