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In a set of cereals, there are 4 kinds of coupons. A child wants to collect all the 4 kinds of coupons. How many boxes in average should he buy?

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sorry, should be 25/3

What type of management do you prefer? Why Finance?

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Complete a financial case study.

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How do you assess the financial state of a company or project?

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The largest focus was on the ability to make decisions, the decision process, and ability to handle responsibility.

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Tell me about an event that recently happened on the financial markets which may affect our company?

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How would you generate results in an unfamiliar environment?

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Digital interview asked questions like name a time when you had to work in a group, how you solved a problem. Basic questions

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We are going to implement a new financial system. Are you someone that we can count on? What you're learning curve going to be?

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Do you have any leadership experience?

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