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There are 20 floors in a building. If you're on an elevator and you're trying to get to the 20th floor, what is the probability that 4 people ahead of you click the 20th floor before you do? Assuming you click last.

10 Answers

assume there is one button for each floor, so 20 buttons. a person can press any 1 button out of the 20, prob is 1/20. Since there are 4 people, so1/16000

These are independent events so the chances of one person before you going to the 20th floor is 1/20. Since this happens 4 times before you the probability is 4*(1/20) or 1/5.

The above two are close, but wrong.. There are 20 buttons, thus 20 choices, sure. But you are getting on at one of the floor. No body will press the button for the floor they get on.. Thus, there is really only 19 choices. P = (1/19)^3 (Independent events mean (1/19)(1/19)(1/19)).

Linked list memory management: deleting a node from the middle of a list was easy. Next question - how to delete a node from the end of a list. Was too tired to think and realize this was a trick question.

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Suppose there is a rectangular map where you can only travel up or right to go from a start location in the bottom left corner to the top right corner, and each move is discrete. Write a program that prints all possible solutions to get from the start to finish.

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Given an array of 1..n numbers with 2 numbers missing in it find the missing ones.

3 Answers

Write a function to cause stackoverflow.

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Write a function to convert First Name, Last Name to Last Name, First Name.

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Write a program that verifies that a binary tree is a binary search tree.

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if A! + B! + C! = ABC and A, B, C are single digit numbers, find A, B, and C.

2 Answers

Reverse a string

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Write a function to check if a given tree is a valid binary search tree or not.

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