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The Practice teach is the hardest to prepare for. You must be comfortable with a presentation that you will have to create for yourself. You will be giving that presentation to a group of maintenance instructors. It is most important to be well practiced in what words you will say, and to be completely familiar with your presentation.

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Don't forget to proofread your presentation, have someone else do a read through for spelling errors. Practice talking to the walls what you will say during your presentation. Then practice again and again until you feel comfortable.

1. When you go down there - Are you the only candidate being interviewed that day, or do they bring in a bunch of candidates? 2. Is the presentation subject even relevant to the profession/job you are applying for or is it totally remote?

1. Generally you will be the only candidate to interview that day, most of the interviews will occur over one to two weeks. 2. The presentation will be on a topic that almost everyone is familiar with, usually the same for all interviewees. It will be specific to the aircraft but may not be the topic which you will be hired to teach. It is most important to be calm, not nervous, and well practiced / familiar with your presentation. Don't try to B.S. the class, they will not be impressed. Instead promise to get back with an answer after class. Etc....

They wanted to know how you would handle a difficult student. This was odd as the people who run the company seem to have no background in education or child development.

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In answering all questions posed to me, I kept the student and the student's needs, front and center, and of the utmost importance. I do not understand why they do not want me to teach for them.

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What would you do if you had a problem student in your class?

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What is the worse situation at a school that I have gone through?

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They wanted me to do a role play but the person playing the student was just bizarre! I've taught for 7+ years and am a licensed counselor. If someone acted this way in real life, I would assess for severe cognitive impairment and refer to disability resources office! They must have wanted a certain, specific phrase or response. But, with years of teaching and counseling, it was still a mystery to me. They praised me highly and went on and on in person and via email... then abruptly hired someone else. Was basically a waste of time. In my experience, PCC already knows who they want to hire. They only post a position and interview other candidates because they have to by law. In reality, it's just to check off that they did it. So, if your dept chair didn't invite you to interview, you're probably wasting your time!

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Do you have any previous experience in teaching at the college level?

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Tell us a little about yourself?

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The AGM (assistant general manager) asked why I didn't want to work at the Beverly Hills location.

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Expect students attending your teaching presentation to ask very off-topic questions.

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