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What's the difference between "hear" and "listen"? You must describe this to a low-level client.

6 Answers

Hear is a noise. Listen is a thought.

To hear is to hear sounds, noises, music, listen is to understand.

To hear is sound, noise and to listen is to give your attention, look at the person and think about what they are saying

The Practice teach is the hardest to prepare for. You must be comfortable with a presentation that you will have to create for yourself. You will be giving that presentation to a group of maintenance instructors. It is most important to be well practiced in what words you will say, and to be completely familiar with your presentation.

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In isosceles triangle RST, if angle RST=40 degrees, then what is the sum of the two identical angles in the triangle: is it greater than 120, less than 120, equal to 120 or cannot be determined?

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What is your dance or teaching experience?

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Do you enjoy helping young children learn

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In answering all questions posed to me, I kept the student and the student's needs, front and center, and of the utmost importance. I do not understand why they do not want me to teach for them.

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Have you looked into any other subsidiaries that are owned by Textron?

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why is your experince important for the job

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What do you know about UPS?

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Has there been any accidents or incidents in aviation history?

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