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Why are you the best candidate for this job?

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I described my qualifications.

How many kids do you have?

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They asked me not to disclose specific questions, which I will respect. Remember situation-action-result structure for every answer; don't give opinions or expect much discussion. Questions appeared to have been written by committee and were all about projects you worked on - no questions that revealed leadership style/experience, business acumen or people skills despite the fact you are managing an org of 50 people. STAR interviews are fine for younger people, but they don't make much sense for senior level people as they do not give you the chance to discuss your body of work and how it is relevant to the job. I left without them having any idea how I recruit, develop and lead people, if I beat my people or whether I have any financial skills. Too bad, I would have been a perfect fit.

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What would you tell a business stakeholder about why to upgrade to Office 2013

Describe for me a difficult situation involving a troubled employee and how did you handle it? How do you handle changing priorities and align with company goals?

How do you balance the project intakes of other groups with your own team's projects?

What do you do with a poor performer who has been with the company for a long time?

I was allowed to ask questions. I asked him what was most challenging for this role. He had to confirm I was interviewing for his position type. Wth?

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