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1) Tow coins, P(head)=1/3, P(tail)=2/3, design a way to get the effect of fair coin

5 Answers

I guess Play 2 games , TH or HT = outcome 1, TT = outcome 2 . Both of probability 4/9 disregard HH

manipulate payouts. P(Tails) = 2/3, so if it lands on tails I get $1. P(Heads) = 1/3, so if it lands on heads you get $2. 2/3 * 1 = 1/3 * 2

We need unbiased decision out of a biased coin. Throw the coin twice. Classify it as "heads" if we get HT and "tails" if we get TH. Disregard the other two occurrences i.e. HH and TT.

Given a string of format '2+3*2-1', calculate and return the result. No parenthesis in the input, just integers and + - * / operators. Operator precedence has to be considered. Linear time complexity and minimal data structure use is preferred.

4 Answers

Write a function that takes an integer and counts the number of bits.

3 Answers

there is an array with 99 length long, each spot will have number from 1-100, number will never repeat on the array. Give as many way as possible to find the missing number.

3 Answers

What is systems engineering?

4 Answers

Complexity of this algorithm. How to improve the complexity?

3 Answers

Remove the nth from last element in a singularly linked list in linear time.

3 Answers

Find the average value of a binary tree both recursively and iteratively. Explain why iteratively may be preferred over recursively.

2 Answers

Given any string, find the index of the start of the first duplicated 3-letter subsequence. For example, in abcabcdef, it would be 0, and abcdefdef would be 3, and then abcdefkajdkffatabcdef would be 0, and abcdefkajdkffatdef would be 3.

2 Answers

Given some array such as {4, 2, 5, 3}, write a function that would take in the array and a number that would return how many pairs add up to the number.

2 Answers
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