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How do you pass variables between two JSP pages and how do you do it between a controller servlet and a JSP page?

1 Answer

The request attribute is good when the parameters are meant to be passed to one page. If you want to pass the parameter across several pages, then it is much easier to set the parameters in the session scope instead of request scope. However, you must remember to clear the objects from the session scope once you are done with them.

Describe in detail the SOA pattern

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How would you add federated data sources to an existing database when the data schemas do not match, network and data source latency are unknown and meet your n second maximum response time requirement?

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Describe a time when you weighed the pros and cons of a situation and decided not to take action, even though you were under pressure to do so.

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What types of people do you have difficulty working with?

What experience do you have with CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous development)?

There was not difficult question but they did ask many personal questions and we discussed my family live including adoption of my children

What do you do that would annoy other people?

Write a function that accepts an array of integer and an integer. Return true if any two of the values in the array add up to the integer, else return false. Optimize the function. Describe the runtimes.

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