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What exact experience with test automation have you had?

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Automation starts when UAT becomes stable. Say for instance if on each release more than 50% test are failing you don't automate the application. During this time you can run smoke or black box tests to check if major functionalities are working properly. Once it becomes more stable for instance if 20% tests are failing you can start the automation process. Depending upon the application one can start with developing the frameworks. if it needed to be a data driven framework or a key word dirven framework. The best practice will be to incorporate Hybril Framwork which is combination of both keyword and data driven frameworks. On every release you run your regression tests to check new functionalities and anything broken from the previous releases. Once the application comes closer to complition you can develop a happy path or end to end test to check the functionalities of the application.

The questions were not difficult for person who worked with this on daily basis but I didn't. And I was very nervous. I had only one round.

On the spot scenario questions,skill,softwares and team based question.

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Describe a situation where you had a difficult situation with your boss, and what did you do about it?

What us the "Finally" block for, in Java's "Try/Catch/Finally" methods?

What would a co-worker you have difficulties with say about you?

They have some kind of Numbered questions where they ask you to count the quantities and relevant benefits.

1> What the Automation testing experience i have and give example 2> What the Communication capability i have 3> How to evaluate team members

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How do you fit testing within a short sprint?

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