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What would you do if you noticed an employee stealing?

3 Answers

Know that there is an LP (loss prevention) hotline number to call.. It is anonymous and you may also be giving a reward. The key is to not ignore it, and not to handle it personally. Tell a manager or call the hotline.

i think yes...

report it

how to used monte carlo to find e?

1 Answer

conditional probability questions: there is a test to test one's IQ. If your IQ is x, you will get a score between x-10 to x+10. Now someone's score is 150. What's his IQ range? Can you tell the best estimate? If not, what else condition you need?

4 Answers

What is diversity and how is it important in the work place?

1 Answer

How would you get a customer to buy a product that you are giving away for free?

1 Answer

They kinda asked about equality and how I felt about it.

1 Answer

How would your friends and family describe you?

1 Answer

What does diversity mean to you?

1 Answer

What does a melting pot mean to you and how does it affect the work place?

1 Answer

Asked me about my previous experience as a model and asked to see my portfolio.

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