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what was the largest event you planned

1 Answer

event which was attended by 3200 people

What would you do about something you had to do but did not have all the answers?

1 Answer

How could you get the information you want from an individual over the phone who you have no prior interactions or connections to?

1 Answer

Have you used event planning/conference planning software?

Are you a people's person?

1 Answer

You've been planning an event XYZ for a few months, when a week before the date of it, the customer wants to change multiple elements of it. However, you know it will simply not be possible for logistical reasons. How do you communicate this to the customer, who will definitely be upset about this fact.

1 Answer

Describe a time when you dealt with a disgruntled customer, how did you resolve the situation?

1 Answer

Speak to your previous experience on your resume? Why media? Are you familiar with some of the media tools in the industry? Strengths/weaknesses? Are you a team player?

3 Answers

Why are you leaving your last company?

2 Answers

What is one thing you are currently working on about yourself?

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