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Health Care Service Corporation
Process Improvement-Change Management Analyst was asked...January 29, 2016

Have you created an processes using swim lane modeling?

3 Answers

That I had not. I used MS Visio flowcharts and activity diagrams.

I had not used swim lane modeling in the past but I explained my experience using MS Visio flowcharts and activity diagrams. Less


PNC Financial Services Group

Explain a situation where you had to navigate a difficult political landscape.

3 Answers

I described my situation when I first entered my last job. The established members of my team weren't very receptive to new authority but I was able to show them the respect and support that they needed in order to gain their trust and make a great work environment. Less

Stick to the FACTS.

I explained some issues on my current project.


How have you dealt w/ requests to do something unethical?

3 Answers

Never do something you believe to be unethical. Instead, work with whoever is asking it of you to find an ethical and effective solution. Less

I don't.

I haven't been asked to do anything unethical.

Inspira Health Network

How would I handle a difficult Doctor upset over instrumentation not being ready?

1 Answers

I would apologize to the doctor and explain to them why there was a delay and emphasize that it won't happen again. Less


How would I react in a conflict with another employee.

1 Answers

I would talk to the person to resolve. If that didn't work set up a meeting with the management. Less


Have you ever been in a situation where you had to keep information confidential? Please explains that situation and how you kept the information confidential.

1 Answers

I explained is a previous position at another insurance company the circumstances of the information and how and why I kept it in confidence. Less

UnitedHealth Group

What are the 6 types of cost savings

1 Answers

Historic saving Index Rfp Technical Budget Ratio

Catholic Health System

They asked how did you handle most challenging boss you have had.

1 Answers

I explained that I'm an independent worker and prefer to be shown one time, but because I'm a tactile learner I need to do it on my own, and then have the boss come check it after. So my example was a boss who needed a grant written, but wanted to stand over me, but I explained that I'll write it then he can edit it in his own language. Since I knew the boss's style he didn't have to change much. Less

US Postal Service

None, only asks if your currently working and what shift you would prefer.

63 Answers

Idk wat the requirements are for other states i live in ny the eligable score is 70 and above. I can only imagine how competitive it is. But thanx :) i appreciate it Less

@Nikki each facility is different on how they interview.....some asks a few ??s like have u had conflict w/a co worker and how did u handle it?...if u were given tasks by your sup how would you do those tasks and if u couldnt finish what would you do etc...and some dont even ask questions.....its nothing to be nervous..its a fairly easy interview depending on the station....they havent hired career emp. since 2007 and are not planning to hire career ANY TIME SOON b/c of the decline in mailing...PSE's are replacing employees that are retiring and will not become permanent however they can be rehired year after year with a 5 day break between each appointment if you show them what you're made of. @kevin i applied 1/2012 with a score of 79.10 and just got the email on 11/20 for the it takes awhile @Bre overnight gets 8% more btwn 6pm and 6am so about $16 Hope I helped u all out a bit :) Less

@Maricel: If u google or yahoo search sample tests, it will give u an idea of what to expect. The tests consists of multiple choice questions. Some questions are about matching up zip codes & addresses, others will ask u like how to properly fill out a form and what information do u fill out in what box. Another portion will ask about matching up routes and address zip codes which is usually what the carrier does on their job. The hard thing i didn't like was trying to memorize those routes and zip codes for a few minutes and trying to guess the right answers when they ask u. The test takes about an hr. U will be timed on the test so u will have to get as many answers right as possible. U can practice from various websites that show u sample tests. That's what I did. @Lisa: The hiring process varies. It took them about a month for them to contact me through email. After the interview date, we had to go back the following week to finish up the hiring process. We were already hired and we were given a date of our orientation within 2 weeks of that time. This gave us time to give a notice to the previous jobs. This job isn't flexible, u will be needed for as much as there are always work. Being in the distribution and the fact that the PSE Clerk gets paid $14.60 an hr, it's a good pay & they have been providing a lotta hours because of the holidays. They will tell u straight out that if you got another job or school that can't work around your work schedule with em, u will have to choose them or your other job or whatever. Since this is the best paying job I have ever had, i'm trying my best to show them my work ethics to prove to them that i'm good enough to be permanent. Since they need people there during the holidays, I am not planning to request any days off til' January when the holidays are over. I heard with our position it's hard to get a 3 day weekend off, or if you're lucky. I don't know if that refers to being paid vacation or non-paid. It's just the matter of hoping for the best. When you get a decent score on the assessment test and you're shown as eligible on your profile, you have to wait. During the waiting process, I would continue to job search because u don't know if they will really contact u or not. If you're lucky then they will. I didn't expect them to contact me at all. Less

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Micron Technology

Tell me about your CCA What are your strength FYP Last job mind-boggling experience How would you describe yourself in 3 words How would your friends decribe your strength and weakness What was your one experience in life you found very tough What do you know about micron Tell me about the job profile Given a situation of priorities, rate them.

36 Answers

Hey, I was also interviewed for the same role in first week of April. I had 2 rounds on consecutive days. Was told that outcome would be notified in a week's time. However, no updates yet. Any updates from you guys? Less

No update so far! Probably have to wait for June's first week.

Thank you ! I got a mail for the documents on 26th May and a call about the offer two days later, 28th May. The HR said they are working from home, as of now so it is taking time. So, just wait until you hear from them. All the best !! Less

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