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Micron Technology
Process Integration Engineer was asked...November 9, 2020

Questions asked: 1. Why will you choose Micron? 2. What do you know about Micron? 3. Describe a scenario where you faced challenges. 4. Rank the importance of your values in the company. 5. Describe 3 words of yourself. 6. Tell me the general process of Micron.

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If the manager says he will offer your name to HR, does that mean u are offered? just wait for offer letter? Less

If the manager sat he will offer your name, yes just wait for the offer letter

I waited for 2 weeks for the offer letter

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Linear Technology

what is your typical work hours and how do you work with others

1 Answers

flexible, as needed by job/project

Micron Technology

Define GIDL, DIBL mechanisms

1 Answers

Gate Induced Drain Leakage, Drain Induced Barrier Lowering


Introduce yourself

1 Answers

Introduce your thesis


Why Globalfoundaries

1 Answers

What is EUV, flatband, SEM, RIE, plasma

Micron Technology

Technical problem solving skills

1 Answers

Relate to my internship problems and final year project scenario


Did you have experience of to request someone to do something for you?

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They basically asked about my resume and my experience with certain tools and methods and a little about my device fabrication and characterization experience. All of the questions were very basic and they did not cross question much. They later asked questions related to conflicts with teammates, time-management, and if I am willing to go to Taiwan for training.

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Hey! Are you an experienced hire or an entry level engineer? Did you interview for the Arizona fab? Less

Infineon Technologies

why would you leave your previous company in less than 2 years?

1 Answers

You'd never know what I'd been through.

Micron Technology

Do you know other semiconductor companies? If they also give you the offer, which one will you choose?

1 Answers

I'll try to get more information regarding the different cultures but this is a very good opportunity. Less

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