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Draw a NAND gate, modify the circuit a little bit (adding resistors and capacitor) and ask what would happen.

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Can you give some more details about your interview ....such as if there any C programming questions, Questions from Resume, or related to the job description...Please help... Thanks in advance

What is difference between a Logic analyzer and an oscillscope?

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If you present your technical results to an audience, and they refuse to accept it, what would you do?

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Draw a transistor. When applying a DC voltage to a capacitor, how does it act? When applying an AC voltage to a capacitor, how does it act? Can you draw a cross-sectional picture of a p-n junction? If you were given a project the day before your vacation, and you passed it to someone else, and when you came back the project was completely wrong and the company was upset about it, how would you handle the situation? How would you handle a co-worker that isn't pulling their weight? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you know about Qorvo? Circuit analysis. Logic symbols

Focus more on relationship building than technical skills, which was wise I think.

All behavioral questions. Not a pleasant experience. They did not ask me any sound technical question.

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Most are technical and behavioral questions.

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Some questions regarding abstract spacial reasoning, essentially brain-teasers. Alternately, I was asked to individually pick alternating bond wires from a packaged device with a needle; the department has discontinued this screen.

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