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Complete a financial case study.

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A lot of information is given, but major items are left out. They want to to your reasoning with filling in the information gaps and overall competence completing the income statement and powerpoint.

Can you give more details on the case study? More of what was involved and some main concepts that were covered?

Why do you want to work in coatings?

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Do you find you have a good balance between your work and social life?

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Possible Questions for Second Round Interview: • Rank: Integrity, initiative, intelligence, and why you ranked them that way? • Explain what the company does as if you were explaining it to your grandparents? • Describe yourself in one word. • If you were part of a salad what part would you be? • Explain what ISN does in your own words. • Rate these "values" most important to least important... • What are your strengths, what did you learn from position x, • How do you handle conflict, etc. • What would you change most in this world? • And if you were in a position of power how would you implement it? • Teach a 5 year old child how to tie his shoes over the phone. • What does a benzine skeleton look like? • How would you explain what ISN does to a friend? • How many times does the hour and minute hand cross in 24 hours? • How many times does a certain amoeba replicate in a petri dish? • Tell me something that will make me remember you over everyone else. • How would you use quarters to measure the Empire State Building? • You are in Hawaii for 5 years. How do you become a millionaire? • If you woke up tomorrow and discovered you had a grown a tail, what would you do? • Let's say you wake up one morning and discover you have a tail. You walk out of your room and You walk out of your room and discover that everyone else now has tails, too. What are you going to do to market this tail? • Same question as above ^^ but with horns • Do you believe in aliens yes/no and why? • Explain the revenue structure of our company • Describe your favorite restaurant and how you would change it? • Role reversal. What would you look for in a candidate for this job? • Tell us about ISNetworld and what we do? • How would you describe yourself? • Describe a time where you faced adversity and how you handled it • If you had a theme song, what would it be?

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Tell me about a time where you witnessed unsafe practices in the lab and what did you do?

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Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer/situation and how you handled it.

Name one time you had to solve a problem by viewing it from someone else's perspective

Describe a time where you were forced to do something you didnt want to do.

"Describe a time when you did not meet a deadline and why didn't you meet it?"

In under 2 minutes, persuade us why we should hire you and what you will bring to LCS? Describe to us leadership roles you have taken on previously. Describe your current work experience to us. Do you have any experience with nursing home regulations?