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Describe an algorithm that will take in a large input of English words that may contain duplicate. Then return only unique words from the input.

7 Answers

Put the items in a hash map, then return the hash map. Since hashmap eliminates duplicates.

I was interviewed today and they asked this question, so you can probably expect it! My solution was to use a linked list to store the words, and with every new word you would conduct a linear search and discard it if it was a duplicate. Horribly inefficient and I am pinching myself for not remember my hashtables :(

Use a set since they don't allow for duplicates and have arbitrary order. Implement the set using a hashtable for constant time checks to see if the word is already in it.

Behavioral: “Describe a time you were given conflicting information on about a project and you had to figure out what to do?“ “What is the worst bug in a program you have had to solve?” “What something that you used to have to do very repetitively in code but now have figured out a better way to go about it?” “Describe a time you had to give negative feedback and how was it taken?” “In context of new technology, describe a time you worked on something nights and weekends to implement or learn about something new.” (Show your interest in keeping up with new technology/code “Describe a time you tried to teach someone something but they were just not getting it”

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How would you count the number of words in a string consisting of uneven number of spaces between words( not dictionary words)? With and without library functions.

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My phone and onsite interview questions were super easy. It was just designing a class that had some methods to maintain data.

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Design a data structure/algorithm to keep track of instruments, stock exchanges, and trades which supports an addInstrument, addTrade and getAllTradesBetweenTimes(time1, time2) operation.

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Given a string S and string T, implement a function search(string s, string t) that returns all occurrences of T or T's permutations in S. Assume that characters in S and T comprise of only lower and upper case English letters.

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Max Profit Buy Sell Stocks, K Closest Points to Origin and Copy List with Random Pointers

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Given a matrix with each row and column sorted in increasing order, find if the matrix contains a given element.

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Given five numbers between 1-52 check whether you can generate 42 by using operations addition, multiplication and subtraction.

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Questions about working in groups and on projects

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