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What is an abstract class and why would you use it?

2 Answers

It's used to subclassing.

In Java, an abstract class is a class which contains abstract methods, which are methods with declarations but no implementations. The methods are implemented by sub-classes of the abstract class. This gives more flexibility to those methods making it easier to tailor them to your use.

Explain the development process of a previous project.

1 Answer

build a prescription class

15 Answers

They asked me to extract words from the parse tree. e.g. ((NJ (NN James) XX is) (AJ tall)) -> James is tall. Another question is to reverse a string an capitalize all the starting positions of words and lower case all the ending positions of words. e.g. Hello World -> Dlrow Olleh

6 Answers

Tree-related with optimization at scale in mind.

4 Answers

Write up and populate a linked list in C#.

4 Answers

Experience working on technical projects as part of a team

4 Answers

If you didn't have to worry about time efficiency at all, but need a space efficiency of O(1), how do you check if an array has duplicate numbers?

3 Answers

Array reverse without using iteration. Code in C.

3 Answers

Given an array with each array elements containing a random cost (i.e {10, 5, 2, 200, 5, 1}). You can either step through element 1 by 1 or skip by 1 element (i.e array[0] > array[2] > array[3] > array[5]). Find the lowest cost from element 0 to N.

2 Answers
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