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You have two balls on different tracks, traveling without friction. Ball A is on a straight track traveling from left to right, from point a to point b. Ball B is on a track with a dip, traveling from left to right, also from point a to point b (same horizontal distance). Which ball arrives at point b first (or fastest)?

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Remember there is no friction, and the track doesn't necessarily maintain a constant speed.

"I would assume both balls are at the same speed. Which means Ball A would arrive first because: 1) a straight line is shorter than curve 2) gravity will act on the ball B on the up curve"

Don't they arrive at the same time? Since there's no friction, isn't the acceleration and deceleration in the z coordinate independent of the constant speed in the horizontal coordinate?

A customer has a website containing information about hotels, their rates, special deals etc. how would you extract info from the website without any programming involved like writing SQL queries, PHP etc.

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Room was to be filled with four people covering varying areas of the company and I was to present my information on a technical product. The four people were very knowledgable, very approachable. On par with other funded startups I've had experiences with.

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Could I wear many hats and not be confined to one title or position?

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All of the questions were standard, strait forward, and typical to most interviews. The only question I felt was out of the ordinary was if I personally used AT&T services.

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Is HTTP stateless?

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How many postal workers are there?

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What do you do outside of work to better yourself?

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Pitch to me... Why do you think that you are the best candidate for this position?

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Explain to me about your Senior Design project.

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