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You have two balls on different tracks, traveling without friction. Ball A is on a straight track traveling from left to right, from point a to point b. Ball B is on a track with a dip, traveling from left to right, also from point a to point b (same horizontal distance). Which ball arrives at point b first (or fastest)?

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Remember there is no friction, and the track doesn't necessarily maintain a constant speed.

"I would assume both balls are at the same speed. Which means Ball A would arrive first because: 1) a straight line is shorter than curve 2) gravity will act on the ball B on the up curve"

Don't they arrive at the same time? Since there's no friction, isn't the acceleration and deceleration in the z coordinate independent of the constant speed in the horizontal coordinate?

Why do you want to work at Datto?

1 Answer

They drew a diagram of Panasas storage architecture and asked me to explain a potential weakness.

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Pitch to me... Why do you think that you are the best candidate for this position?

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Asked me to learn Salesforce via a free course, then asked me to create an app on Salesforce for a music festival management, and demo it to them via Skype.

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One thing I appreciated was that the questions asked were all relevant to the role applied, my previous experience as an SE and my understanding of the product landscape. No questions were unduly opaque, nor unreasonable.

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Brain teasers using quarters on the table. Random java trivia questions like "Is a string mutable."

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Room was to be filled with four people covering varying areas of the company and I was to present my information on a technical product. The four people were very knowledgable, very approachable. On par with other funded startups I've had experiences with.

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Could I wear many hats and not be confined to one title or position?

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Can you explain double byte languages?

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