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You have 8 pennies, 7 weight the same, one weighs less. you also have a judges scale. Find the one that weighs less in less than 3 steps.

13 Answers

Set two pennies aside, put 3 on each scale and if they weight the same the lighter one is one of the other two, if not it is one of the three on the scale, repeat for the two or three remaining.

A better answer: Split the 8 pennies into 3 groups of 3,3,2 pennies. Weight the first two groups of 3 pennies each. Case 1) - They weight the same. Therefore, take third group of 2 pennies and find the lighter coin. Case 2) Group 1 weights more than Group 2. Take group 2 (3 pennies) and pick any 2 out of 3. If they weight the same, then the third penny is lighter. Answer is trivial if they don't weight the same. It works for any scenario. Always split the groups in 3.

It's a lot simpler than you'd think Divide the current number of coins by two and put them on both sides of the scale, remove the side that weighs more, and divide the lighter side in half, repeat so you start with 8: |||| |||| (4/4) || || (2/2) | | (1/1) Three steps, simple, logical, and and can get the right answer each time.

For a 1GHz bandwidth oscilloscope, what will happen if you use it to monitor a 1GHZ square wave. If the Vpp of the square wave is 1V, what's the Vpp of the waveform shown on screen.

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Conversion from hexadecimal to binary. The brain teaser: You have two cups, one that can hold up to 5 quartz of water and the other 3 quartz. Get me to 4 quartz of water.

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What is the difference between find and grep in Unix?

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what is the cycle time of this circuit give 2 flops and some combi logic in between

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What do you see yourself in next five years?

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Within your team, how do you deal with an individual who feels that the task assigned to them is "not their job" or will not listen to you because you are technically not their boss?

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Creativity and Innovation

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Google has 300 servers around the world. Servers are failing about 1 every month. How would you go about debugging the failure?? That's great, good answer. The failure is actually random. Nothing you've tried is able to duplicate the failure exactly the same. How do you approach this?? Another good answer. Now, what do you think is actually the cause of these failures?

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Tell me the waveform output at probe 1 and 2. The problem consist of a dc 5V going to a 5V sine wave input going to a capacitor. This system is then going into a 12V dc input with a two 1K resistor in parallel. This feeds into a emitter side of a transistor with a +-3V toggle as a base. The collector is going to ground. The two probe points is (1) before the cap and (2) before the emitter.

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