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Visual merchandiser Interview Questions

"As a visual merchandiser, the name of the game is creativity and an eye for aesthetically pleasing elements. Interviewers are interested in learning about the inspiration for your style, your knowledge of the company, and ability to handle difficult customers. Be prepared to ultimately showcase your skill set by styling a display for the interviewer that embodies your artistic flair or critic a display that the company already has."

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How would you style a clothing rack?

3 Answers

By color, style, season. tops in front of bottoms, put things on rack that can be worn together.

i would put the print in the middle followed by light in front then dark etc, color blocking. jackts first, tanks, button up, cardis, ts pants in the back.

My OCD kicks in moments like this; definitely by color, patterns and size

Where do you get your style inspiration?

3 Answers

merchandise a fixture.. tell me your story behind it ?

3 Answers

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Tell me 2 things on the floor, visually, that can be improved on

1 Answer

Your work is very masculine, how will you work to accommodate our style which is typically more feminine?

1 Answer

So, why do you want to be a visual merchandiser?

22 Answers

Are you able to pay close attention to details?

2 Answers

What aspects of your previous retail experiences will help you here at Love Culture?

2 Answers

Sometimes you may be asked to pull certain outfits throughout the store.

2 Answers

What is the difference between styling and dressing the store ?

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