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Wellness Coordinator was asked...January 1, 2019

Why do you think you are the best candidate for the position?

3 Answers

I have a BS in Ornamental Horticulture and have worked in the field for over 25 years. I have expertise I all aspects of growing including cloning, vegetative state and flowering. I also am ver experienced in chemicals and irrigation and how they are used to get the best quality and quantity through well grained medium, preventative steps with applying chemicals so that this most important steps are achieved Less

years as academic neurosurgeon with international visiting professorship and lectures on healthcare inclusive Cultural differences are important and direct eye contact to be avoided in many cultures Important to create critical thinking Less

Some patients may come in with a general curiousness about cannabis medicines, while others may have a base knowledge of cannabinoids and their effects of the body and it's aliments. My job is to create an atmosphere of trust and listening. Smile, direct eye contact and good follow up questions after answering all their questions. After 37 years in radio and meeting countless thousands in 1 on 1 scenarios, it's second nature to me. Less

Wells Fargo

The most difficult question was name me a time when you had a difficult customer

3 Answers

I join this company.

Interview date.

I doing work as well.


How do you feel about travel and being away from family for extended periods of time?

2 Answers

Im willing to do what is needed if expectations are reasonable

I can stay lots of day because it will finish my days on


Would you be able to relocate to Norway?

2 Answers

Yes, I will be able for a relocation.

what kind of technical questions did they ask ? was there any written test ?

MorningStar Senior Living

what would you do if a resident fell?

3 Answers

Are you serious?

Look for signs of injury and call 911 if there are or if you aren't sure. Find someone that is certified in lifting to try help them up. Less

You never move a patient that has fall until paramedics arrive


what is your passion?

2 Answers

working with especially low-income kids

What do you feel that you can change about this YMCA?

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

NO questions asked - just a constant rejection without merit. I am more than qualified and have been sent repeated rejections

2 Answers

Same experience.

Same thing happened to me..... so discouraged!


I don't remember specifically, since it was some years back

2 Answers

but again, this will be based on your field, and what your reaction will be in a given situation. Try to think wide of challenges that you may need to overcome in your line of duty. Less

How long did u wait for the job offer after the phone interview?

Restore Hyper Wellness

How would you handle an unhappy client?

2 Answers

Remain calm, be patient and listen to the customer's complaints. Acknowledge their comments as valid without arguing. Treat them with dignity and respect. Always remember that you are representing the company and be kind and professional. Less

Help the customer come to a solution and get their problem resolved!


how do you work with kids?

2 Answers

I have plenty of experience to draw anecdotal knowledge from and I genuinely like kids and sympathize the struggle of the teenage years and think that they are at a very formative point in their lives. Less

I like to get to know them first by asking their name, asking about what they are doing, playing with them when they ask, asking them stuff about themselves Less

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