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Why are there two high tides in one day?

1 Answer

There are two high tides because the moon's gravitational field pulls on the water around the earth and the earth itself (the earth also pulls on the moon) as it orbits. The first hight tide occurs on the side of the earth that is closest to the moon, and the second high tide occurs on the side that is farthest from the moon, where water is "left behind" by the motion of the earth towards the moon.

Talk about your leadership experience and how it makes you a good fit for this position.

None. The interview was a personality test (i.e. what are your hobbies, where are you from...etc)

STAR type questions. One hint, if you're interviewing for an engineering position- they don't seem to care about your technical expertise, so showing a portfolio, or demonstrating past work, is unnecessary, and seemingly detrimental to your chances of receiving an offer. Just answer the behavioral questions.

Tell me a time you convinced an upper authority of an idea?

How did you overcome a set back in a project or group setting?

mostly behavioral questions, Describe your perfect job, do you have experience leading a team, what projects have you done and what were their outcomes, what was your specific role on the projects, etc.

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