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Entry level engineer Interview Questions

"Entry level engineers are great resources for companies and provide an opportunity for young engineers to have lots of responsibility and learn new skills. Employers are looking for enthusiastic candidates with a desire to learn and work hard to do their best. During an interview, you will be asked about previous projects you've worked on and what problems you ran into, and how you learned from them."

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What is an abstract class and why would you use it?

2 Answers

It's used to subclassing.

In Java, an abstract class is a class which contains abstract methods, which are methods with declarations but no implementations. The methods are implemented by sub-classes of the abstract class. This gives more flexibility to those methods making it easier to tailor them to your use.

Tell me about a decision you made that was wrong, what did you do to fix it?

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Explain the development process of a previous project.

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build a prescription class

15 Answers

They asked me to extract words from the parse tree. e.g. ((NJ (NN James) XX is) (AJ tall)) -> James is tall. Another question is to reverse a string an capitalize all the starting positions of words and lower case all the ending positions of words. e.g. Hello World -> Dlrow Olleh

6 Answers

Write up and populate a linked list in C#.

4 Answers

Experience working on technical projects as part of a team

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What attracted you to primera?

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Technical Questions: 1. Three pillars of OOP with explanation of each 2. Final Keyword in Java 3. Abstract Class & Interface difference 4. JSP & Servlets difference 5. What is meant by immutability in Java? 6. Multi-threading - Sleep vs Yield? 7. What is a design pattern and name some. Explain Singleton Design Pattern? 8. protected keyword in access modifiers 9. Continue vs break statement 10. Describe MVC? 11. StringBuffer vs StringBuilder? 12. One logic/algo question: Inserting an element at proper position in a sorted array. They will focus on the very basic logic design like loops, function and their arguments.

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Array reverse without using iteration. Code in C.

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