Entry Level Engineer Interview Questions

Entry Level Engineer Interview Questions

"Entry level engineers are great resources for companies and provide an opportunity for young engineers to have lots of responsibility and learn new skills. Employers are looking for enthusiastic candidates with a desire to learn and work hard to do their best. During an interview, you will be asked about previous projects you've worked on and what problems you ran into, and how you learned from them."

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General Dynamics Mission Systems
Entry Level Software Engineer was asked...March 9, 2010

What is an abstract class and why would you use it?

2 Answers

In Java, an abstract class is a class which contains abstract methods, which are methods with declarations but no implementations. The methods are implemented by sub-classes of the abstract class. This gives more flexibility to those methods making it easier to tailor them to your use. Less

It's used to subclassing.

International Trucks

Tell me about a decision you made that was wrong, what did you do to fix it?

1 Answers

Pick something small but avoid technical errors like "I forgot how to calculate torque but then I looked it up and remembered" Less

General Dynamics Mission Systems

Explain the development process of a previous project.

1 Answers

I began with wireframing and worked forward through the mysql database, java backend, and the javascript and html front end. (I had a whiteboard to draw out my process) Less


build a prescription class

9 Answers

I did not receive an offer yet. There wasn't an option for that so I just said no offer and figured I could update it later if I did. I did get a follow up email saying the interview went great and asking me if I had any other offers. Less

Can you guys post me how the questions will be I have my interview in next week.

hey did you get any response from them

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why Halliburton?

7 Answers

Immediately, i got a call from them next day... If u didn't get get a call from them within 2 days.. then u r disqualified from the selection process Less

Hello, anybody have an idea about this opening "Associate Technical Professional Field Drill Bits and Services" ? I'm confused which openning I should apply for! Less

im fresh graduated civil engineering , i'd like to work for halliburton , which courses should i take or what should i do ?! i need advise and thanks for interesting Less

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Western Digital

Nothing was too difficult

6 Answers

I applied as an EE major. Behavior Questions: 1. Why do you want to work for Western Digital. 2. What makes you different from every other candidate. 3. Give an instance where you faced a difficulty and how you overcame it. Techical Questions: 1. Write a sqrt function that take in a double as a parameter and return the sqrt of that double without using any library function with 4 point decimal accuracy. 2. Write a function that check to see if an integer is a palindrome. 3. Write a function that sorts 50 random integers from largest to smallest. 4. What is a buck converter. 5. Design a switch with mosfets. 6. Create an not logic gate with mosfets. Less

Hi, I am in the process of interviewing for the FIT engineer as well and had taken the written test already. How much time did it take for them to get back to you after the test to schedule the on-site interview? Thanks in advance! Less

Took one or two days

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They asked me to extract words from the parse tree. e.g. ((NJ (NN James) XX is) (AJ tall)) -> James is tall. Another question is to reverse a string an capitalize all the starting positions of words and lower case all the ending positions of words. e.g. Hello World -> Dlrow Olleh

6 Answers

After the online interview how many more rounds of interviews were there?

def reveseCapitalize(s): s = s.lower() s = s[::-1] s = s.title() return s print(reveseCapitalize('Hello World')) Less

The above doesn't work if there's a possibility of letters besides the first being capitalized Less

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Populate an array of numbers from 1 to N (inclusive). Given two numbers, p and q , if a number in the array is divisible by p print OUT, if a number is divisible by q print THINK. If number is divisible by both p and q, print OUTTHINK. Otherwise, print the number.

5 Answers

seems like a variation of fizzbuzz. Should not be difficult.

"#Python Solution from array import * def problem_1(N,p,q): array_1 = array( 'i', range(1,N+1)) for n in array_1: if n % p == 0: print 'OUT' elif n % q == 0: print 'THINK' elif n % p == 0 and n % q==0: print 'OUTTHINK' else: print n problem_1(20,6,8)" Doent't work, think how an else-if sentence is used in compilation :) Less

the second one is certainly fizzbuzz, you were overthinking.

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Tell me about yourself?

5 Answers

yeah even me attended on the same day, even i didnt get any mail after gd , did anyone get ?? Less

It's been a month for today , did anyone get offerletter from infor

I got it 2 days bac

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Explain how you can add value to the company with your knowledge and skills?

5 Answers

Sadly because of my lack of experience and education I have few skills. What I do have is my work ethic and my constant desire to be be the best at whatever I do. I’ve always been a fast learner. I know I am right for the job , I’m looking for the job thats right for me. Less

I will add value by ensuring that the company operates optimally, having good interpersonal relationship with colleagues and customers. Delivering quality results on or before the deadline. Less

I will ensure quality projects are delivered at minimum cost.

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