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How do you handle data integrity and data confidentiality?

1 Answer

There is a class at school related to this but I did not take it so I just explained how I wouldn't share information or find information to share with public.

Suppose there are three spots where you can put wood blocks from left to right. At first, three blocks are piled on the left spot, the smallest on the top and biggest on the bottom. You are permitted to move one block at one time. How many times do you need to pile them in the same way on the right spot?

1 Answer

Would I be able to program in 3 different languages

2 Answers

Nothing as such. Just know your resume well. Most of the questions were from the resume. Then, "why should we hire you?"

How did you manage during time of crisis in the project? Give instances.

Just the typical HR questions caught me off guard, the technical assessment is super simple if you have any experience doing the skills described in the job description.

What is special quality about you that would attract us?

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