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You have a program with something or component that fails 1 week before launch. What do you do?

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I said you look for other solutions, off the shelf parts. I "think" the answer was go ahead and launch and do a redesign after launch. Of course, if it fails how do you launch right?

You always have a have a back-up part ready, fully qualified and and waiting in the wings! There is no way to launch an iPhone 4 and sell millions of units on a tight schedule without a backup plan for every part.

I believe the point here is not saying that you should/have a back-up plan for this (you can mention that at first, but then assume that something went terribly wrong)... So in my case I would go through the how crucial is this program/component for the launch? can be fixed with an update? how much time/resources are needed to meet the deadline? what would be the impact of delaying the launch until the problem is solved? is it feasible? after the brainstorming and impact analysis you could take the decision of delaying, solve the problem or ship everything as-is and fix the problem afterwards. Once the problem is solved you should go through the situation again and understand what went wrong and prevent it from happening again.

A IQ question: I have 9 coins and 8 have the same weight and the last one is heavier. I also have a balance beam to weigh the coins with. I can only use the balance beam 2 times to find the heavier coin. How do you find the heavier coin?

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How do you define success?

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What would you do if your coworker anounced two days before launch that they were not going to deliver and in fact had not been working on their deliverables as previously stated in prior meetings.

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You have no extra time and no extra resources but is asked by the CEO to add 20 extra features, what do you do?

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Fastest way to count number of bits in a 32-bit or 64-bit integer.

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How to manage chains of coordinate transforms.

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Algorithms and data structure related questions. Pretty straightforward DFS, backtracking and Sets.

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How do you put in place testing for a product that might cause personal injury to the user?

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State your top 3 strengths and top 3 weaknesses, as fast as you can. Go!

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