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Software architect Interview Questions

"As a software architect, you will be making high level decisions about the design and implementation of a company's software. During the interview process, expect to be tested on your knowledge of software tools and languages and their uses and limitations, as well as your ability to lead software engineers to help you accomplish your vision. A bachelor's degree in software engineering, computer science, or a related field is expected."

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How do you approach situations where multiple influential employees have different (and possibly hidden) agendas.

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Attempt to understand each person's concerns to arrive at a conjectural solution, but ensure that every party is aware of other concerns in order to find a broader solution that mitigates internal issues while solving the problem assigned.

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What are some ways to successfully roll out changes to multiple applications/services in an ecosystem where high volumn is expected and minimize or eliminate errors.

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Most questions are built around Amazon's 14 principles.

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A bunch of shapes with patterns, like Tetris and you are required to find the next shape in the puzzle sequence

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Difference between let vs Var

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Describe the limited resources on a mobile device.

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What is the behavior of setTimeout( () => {}, 0);

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The interview questions were vague scenarios related to constructing data models or ERDs. I was somewhat puzzled by this in that the work involved migration from Oracle eBS to Dynamics 365. The Dynamics ERDs are generated internally when building relationships within Dynamics.

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how to approach transforming a monolithic to microservices?

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Remote Phone questions over Video conferences

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