Management Analyst Interview Questions

Management Analyst Interview Questions

"Businesses depend on their management analysts to utilize their skills in data analysis and communication to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the firm. During an interview, expect to be asked a few brain teasers, as well as provide your opinion in a provided scenario through your analysis of the situation. As you will likely be working in a team, you may have to speak to how you work in a team and ensure that others are doing their fair share. Be sure to research the company and familiarize yourself with their competitors, their operations, and what factors or politics affect their business."

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Portfolio Management Group-Fixed Income Analyst was asked...November 21, 2010

You have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 slices to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?

39 Answers

Assuming the cake is square: slice 1: cut horizontally to create 2 equal pieces slice 2: cut vertically to create 4 equal pieces slice 3: line up all 4 pieces of cake side by side and cut horizontally to create 8 equal pieces. don't stack, it will ruin the frosting. Less

Cut each slice into 3 slices. Then eat one of them.

Alina would be penalized for not being able to count past 6. But then, she could get a job at another company where they appreciate people who say someone's idea is wrong, then put forth the same idea and take credit for it. Less

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Health Care Service Corporation

Have you created an processes using swim lane modeling?

3 Answers

That I had not. I used MS Visio flowcharts and activity diagrams.

I had not used swim lane modeling in the past but I explained my experience using MS Visio flowcharts and activity diagrams. Less


If you could sell a lot of a small profit or few of a large profit, which would you prefer?

1 Answers

I stated that it depended on the product - the supply chain to get it there and the category compared to the marketplace. They weren't looking for a detailed answer - just one to throw me off guard. Less

Morgan Stanley

If the interest rates go down, what happens to the value of a bond?

1 Answers

Bond Value goes higher to align yield with lower interest rates


I was asked to explain Pivot tables and Vlookups...

1 Answers

By not laughing. I got asked this excel related in multiple interviews amazingly. Less

John Hancock

"How do you deal with situations when you are leading a project and one or more people do not do their share of the work?"

1 Answers

Respecting the people you work with is key to a successful relationship. When I was "on the hook" for a project and someone didn't complete their quota, I did my best to present the situation it a way that made it a "help me help you" kind of thing. I have to tell my manager that you didn't do your part, so why don't you try to get this done? I don't want to look bad, and I don't want you to look bad. Less

American Airlines

Sell me your pen. Tell me a time you did something for someone and you didn't expect anything in return. Why American? If you were CEO of American how would you improve American Airlines day 1?

23 Answers

I did it last night, I feel confident about it. It was pretty mucy exactly what I thought it would be, just different format. Hoping for a call about the interview. Less

I would but the point of the onsite interview if to see if you can think on your feet and problem solve. If you already know everything they are going ask you, they don't get to see these things. I can tell you more about it though. 1 interviewer pushed me until i didn't know how to solve a problem and then watched to see how I worked though it or if I shut down. I was asked many basic statistic questions along with pattern recognition. They also asked estimation questions to see my thought process. I was not asked many behavioral questions though. The final type was standard RM questions like EMSR, Demand Forecasting, buying patterns of different types of customers etc........ Less

Thanks a lot!!! When will you start to work?

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J.P. Morgan

How do you stay up to date with the markets?

7 Answers

By stock figures and getting updated with all economic policies

Online newsfeed and news paper.

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Less

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JPMorgan Chase & Co

You have 100 quarters, 10 heads, 90 tails up in a dark room where you can't see the quarters. How do you divide them into 2 piles where you have an even amount of heads in each pile?

5 Answers

Take the 90 quarters that are tails and split them into two piles, 45 in each. Then take 5 heads and place into each stack, and you'll have an equal amount of heads in each stack. Less

It is simple you only have 10 heads in front of you because 90 tails are in a darker room which you can't see. So make a pile of 5-5 of heads. Less

randomly split the 100 quarters into two equal piles, 50 quarters per pile. Because of probability, that'll get you fairly close to an even amount of heads in each pile Less

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Dollar General

Why do you want to work for Dollar General?

5 Answers

Pleasant place everyone is very helpful

I'm interested in Dollar General because I find myself shopping at the Troutville location very often, in doing so I see a lot of improvements that could be made. I would enjoy the chance at Managing that store. Thank you for any consideration. Less

Find everyone very plesant

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