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The HR director prepared 2 full pages of behavioral questions, and he doesn't give you a break to breath between questions :p

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Just answer honestly according to your own experience.

What do you do for fun ? (by a senior manager)

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Why do you want to leave your current job?

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What equation describe the filed-charge characteristic in the N+ AlGaAs layer of the HEMT device.

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What do you do with difficult individuals and employees that have anger issues?

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Describe a project where you designed a system and corresponding multi-body simulation.

HR questions were the usual. Some of them specific to Palo Alto were repeated.

Would you describe yourself as a self motivated and can you work well isolated and as a team member?

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Career motivations/goals, and how this role fits into the picture. Behavioral questions involving working in a team, setting and meeting deadlines, etc. Computer architecture questions including pipelining, cache coherence, virtual memory, etc. Verilog questions C programming questions

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