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They ask me to draw a diagram on 3rd. NF based on a file with a certain format he provided on the board that included fields like "Physician name", "date of service", "Physician type" , etc. I modeled and it was great then he ask me to do it on star schema based on reports he wanted to produce. The scenarios requested were nor clearly defined ( Again no clear direction or any specifics ) bottom line the interviewer was looking for an answer he didn't provide much information and made things really confusing to me to design. At the end I designed what I best understand with the information I had he told me he wanted me to build bridge tables as a solution . Which industry standard dictates that are obsolete and causes performance issues. So it was not the best solution after all.

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Its based on data modeling experience every one should have one.

They asked several detailed questions pertaining to data modeling.

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They asked for specific examples from my background to fit the data modeling requirements.

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What Metadata Repository have you used at previous engagement ?

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What was the angle between the clock hands at 3:15.

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Mostly about previous work.

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What is your experience with data modeling? Describe your experience with canonical modeling. Which versions of Erwin do you use and describe your experience.

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What is the difference between logistic and linear regression?

How much experience do you have with purchased enterprise data models?

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Describe in detail a project you worked on involving quantitative analysis.

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